Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I place an order for pickup on a weekday?

Unfortunately I am not able to accept orders during the school year that are due during the week as I am a full-time student and do not have the ability or time to make cookies on school nights. So sorry! 

How much advance notice do you need to be given for an order? Do you charge a late fee?

Depending on the size and urgency of the order, typically 4-2 weeks is good. Any orders placed a week or less from the desired pick up date will include of a late fee of $5 - $10. Since I am a full-time student, orders placed more than 4 weeks in advance are difficult for me to accept as I don't always know what my schedule with school will look around that time, but please don't hesitate to at least send me an email once you think you might want to place an order.

When should I expect a response to my email/text about an order?

Again, as a full-time student I have limited time and availability during the week, so please allow at least 2-4 days for a response. Generally speaking I will most likely respond to texts sooner than emails. Please do NOT call to place an order - I must have the order in writing and I am not able to answer the phone during the day while I am in class.

Is there anyone you refer to if you can’t take an order?

The Cookie Studio offers custom cookies, but please note they are fairly different from mine in terms of taste, decoration style, and price. 

Do you have a storefront? What area of town are you located?

I do not! I operate Cookie in the Kitchen from my home. I am located in the metro Atlanta area (specifically the Westside) and live around I-75 and Howell Mill. (I will give you my specific address for pickup once your order has been placed)

Do you deliver? How much extra is it?

Primarily, no, any orders placed are assumed to be for pickup. If you need the cookies to be delivered, I may be able to depending on the location and date/time of your order. Delivery fees are determined by the specific location and range from $5-$15.

Do you ship?

I do ship, but I prefer most orders to be local if possible. Shipping cookies can be tricky in terms of keeping the cookies fresh & unbroken as well as keeping the icing from bleeding - when dark colors of icing fade into light colors & vis versa - so I haven't tried shipping that much (but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to try!)

How much does shipping cost?

The cost of shipping can range from $5-$15/box depending on how many cookies there are. The final cost is added into your total and includes a small fee for supplies as well as the total cost of shipping from the post office.

What forms of payment do you take?

I primarily take cash and check, but I can also take venmo, paypal (+ a small fee) or card (+ a small fee)

How long does it take you to make your cookies?

Very long! It depends on the amount and complexity of the order, but generally it can take around 5-12 hours (and sometimes more!).

How thick/thin are your cookies?

Very thin - I don't have an exact measurement as it fluctuates, but they're generally around 1/8 of an inch.

How long do your cookies keep for? Can I freeze them?

Decorated sugar cookies will keep for about a week or two, as long as they are sealed in an airtight container. Freezing is difficult as the icing will absorb the moisture, but if you'd like to keep them for longer and don't care as much about the decorations, you should be able to freeze them up to about 3 or 4 weeks.

Are your cookies nut free?

My cookies do not include nut products unless obviously stated (i.e. peanut butter cookies), but are not made in a nut free environment.

Do you make paleo, sugar-free, dairy-free, or other allergen-free cookies?

Unfortunately I do not make any of the above except for gluten-free. Sorry!

Are the gluten free cookies 100% gluten free & okay for people with celiac?

Yes! All of the gluten free cookies are made in an area separate from where I usually bake with different supplies and ingredients as to avoid any cross contamination.

Do you do events (such as kids birthday parties, baking classes, etc)? What is the cost for that?

I do! If you are considering hiring me for an event please reach out to me and let me know the age group, the number of people, the time frame, and your expectations/desires for the event. Cost is determined by those factors, but is generally composed of the cost of supplies + a charge for my time.