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please hold: books are on pause!

Thank you  for your interest in my cookies! I am not currently accepting order inquiries as I am working on restructuring the backend of my booking process—but don't dip quite yet!


I am booked for September, but for inquiries for October and beyond, please sign up for my mailing list below to be notified when my books open for your date.


You're welcome to get a sneak peek into the order process by watching the video below, but note that the links to my order form are disabled until further notice.

more info coming soon!

first, please watch my "before you order" video below

ready to order?

order form is currently unavailable

Hello friends! I’m Emily, aka Cookie, and this video is here to walk you through the steps of my order process.



Step 1: Prep

Firstly, decide what pricing tier you believe works best with your budget. You’ll select this on your order form. Later, I’ll let you know if that tier aligns with my capacity and with your desires for the cookies.


Secondly, confirm that our dates match up for when I’m booking and the date of your celebration. I book every 2 months, so sometimes I may be closed or booked up for orders.


If they don’t match up, either request an order for an earlier date or sign up for my mailing list to be notified when I open my books again. We’ll talk pickup in a second, but please note my pickup days are Friday and Saturday.


Step 2: Fill out my order form!

An important part of how I work is that I see cookies as not just a product but as a service. When you work with me you’re not just paying for yummy cookies but for my unique artistry, research, and design skills.


I’m all for clarity, and what this means explicitly is that

  1. I can take inspiration from other cookies but I will not directly copy them. You can trust me to execute your vision not only beautifully but customized to you.

  2. For a more cohesive set, I prefer loose inspiration with creative control, such as an invitation, a theme, or a color palette, than a list of designs I have to create. BUT you are more than welcome to include specific ideas as I’d love to make your set as personalized to your celebration or celebrant as possible.



Step 3: Email time!

You should get a confirmation email and within 1 week I will respond to confirm my interest & availability. If I’m able to accept your order, we’ll discuss your hopes for your super special & very exciting cookie set, my thoughts on the aesthetics & designs, and settle on an appropriate price for what you're looking for.



Step 4: Payment & confirmation

Once we confirm everything, I will send you a final total and an invoice to pay through Square. Full payment is needed to secure your spot on my calendar. I will hold your spot for one week, and if payment is not taken by then it is possible I may fill your spot with another order. I understand if you’re forgetful though so don’t worry; Square will send you email reminders.



Step 5: Cookie is in the kitchen

I’ll get to work on your order! I research and design the set, bake & cut out the cookies (maybe even 3d printing a cookie cutter or two), mixing icing colors, and probably spending far too long decorating.


If there are any changes you need to make to your order, you must tell me no later than one week prior as any later and I will have already started working.



Step 6: Pickup

The week of your order I will email you to confirm a time for pickup and give you my exact address; I live in East Nashville but I am close to 24 for easy access.


My pickup days are Friday and Saturday which are reflected on my order form. If you’re planning on ordering the weekend prior for a weekday celebration, then I’d recommend selecting heat sealing to keep the cookies fresh for longer!



Step 7: Party time!!

You’ll freak out over your amazing cookies & everyone will stuff their face with delicious beautiful treats!


Thank you so much for choosing to support me & my craft, I am so excited to get to collaborate with you. So what are you waiting for? Get off this video and go fill out an order form!


before you order (transcript)

order form currently unavailable
photo by reba spake photography

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