decorated sugar cookies


citk 2020 branding_$60.png

designs: 1-4

colors: 1-4

very little detail,

simple designs,

no intricate lettering or hand-painting,

simple shapes

citk 2020 branding_$80.png


designs: 4-6

colors: 4-6

some details, intricate piping, or lettering. some variation between designs but in the same theme.

citk 2020 branding_$100.png


designs: 6-12

colors: 6+

intricate piping, details, & lettering. many unique designs & hand cut shapes.  highly personalized.

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personalized cookies

you may think you've seen it all, but have you ever seen a cookie with your face on it? I'll make an EXTREMELY personalized set for you or a loved one that represents their life in an edible art form. I'm talking hours of research & never-been-done-before cookie designs, yall!



citk 2020 branding_$100.png

*previous clients include MTV, Bridgestone Arena, Live Nation, Triple 8 Management and more. 

artist cookies

have you ever wanted to eat an album cover? do you work in the music industry and are seeking for a unique way to impress a client? I’ll design a set for you with the appropriate graphics and visuals! pricing is determined by design complexity and research requirements.

citk 2020 branding_$15.png

promotional cookies

just looking for a singular cookie to WOW your followers, friends, or customers? I'll make and film a video recreating your specific designs in cookie form.



have celiac or just want to avoid gluten? baked with different supplies and ingredients to avoid cross contamination.

individual bagging

each cookie is bagged in cellophane with a thin ribbon and a small CITK label on the back. only one cookie per bag.

citk 2020 branding_$6 GF.png

drop cookies + cookie cakes

regular "drop" cookies

popular flavors:

- chocolate chip

- double double chocolate

- red velvet

- peanut butter

- snickerdoodle

citk 2020 branding_$ drop cookies.png
Chocolate chip cookie cake from Cookie in the Kitchen

chocolate chip cookie cake baked in a 9" pan and decorated with vanilla buttercream. equiv. to 12 cookies

cookie cakes

citk 2020 branding_$ cookie cake.png
Stacked chocolate chip cookie cake from Cookie in the Kitchen

 stacked cookie cakes 

stacked cookie cake with 4 alternating layers of chocolate chip cookie & fudgy brownie, filled & decorated with vanilla buttercream.

small: 6" layers, equiv. to 12 cookies & 12 brownies

large: 9" layers, equiv. to 24 cookies & 24 brownies

citk 2020 branding_$ stacked cake small.
citk 2020 branding_$ staked cake large.p
Stacked chocolate chip cookie cake from Cookie in the Kitchen

are you hungry yet?