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celebrating & illustrating unique lives with edible artwork

in nashville, tn

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hey friends! i'm emily, the cookie girl.

I’m an entrepreneur, cookie designer, & content creator with an abiding love for helping people feel seen & celebrated through handcrafted decorated cookies.

My cookies may look professional now, but trust me, they weren’t always this pretty! Over a decade ago I started Cookie in the Kitchen in my hometown of Atlanta, GA as a lil' eleven year old. Unlike the other creative hobbies I toyed with for a year then lost interest in, cookies stuck around; they grew up with me!

I decided to study entrepreneurship & graphic design at Belmont University in Nashville, TN to grow my business & pursue my dream of opening a bakery. After 11 years of being both a baker and a student I graduated in 2022 and am now creating cookies in Nashville full time. Woohoo!

i believe everyone is worthy of celebration.

Celebration is serious business. Whether I'm making cookies for Harry Styles or my next door neighbor, I strongly believe that everyone deserves their significant moments, relationships, and stories to be celebrated—big and small.

My hope isn't simply to provide you with beautiful & delicious cookies, but to help you & the people you love to feel seen. Just like the way you feel when a dear friend remembers a little detail of a story you told months ago or gives you such a meaningful gift for your birthday you can't believe someone knows you THAT well. I would be honored to celebrate with you!

so what do you say?

let's party!

photos by reba spake photography

i love creating cookies for...

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...and more!

see me featured on...

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emily henegar on food network christmas cookie challenge season 4
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emily henegar on belmont university news and media
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you've scrolled this far...

time for the secret ingredients.

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You deserve cookies as uniquely made as you are! Every cookie that goes through my oven I personally design with a thoughtful attention to detail, making sure to curate the whole set with interesting shapes, color palettes & icing techniques. No order is the same! I decorate by hand and don't use edible images.
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My cookies are after capturing the real you, right now. In a way, they're like mini, edible time capsules! (Just don't bury them for 10+ years.) I also care about showing you the real me; I'm not a cookie robot nor a perfect businesswoman. You can trust I will be upfront with my own humanness as we work together! 
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Whether my mentors, my mom, or my customers, my business would not be possible without generosity from others & God, period. Custom cookies are no small expense, and I appreciate anyone who chooses to support me! I aim to have a posture of generosity with my time, money, resources & experience.
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photo by reba spake photography
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