cookie in the kitchen handcrafts designer decorated cookies, as special as the people they represent, to celebrate & illustrate the significant moments, relationships, & stories of unique lives. 
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cookies are a service, not just a product

a quick look at the cookie-making process
I do my best work with creative control and loose inspiration, such as a theme, invitation, color palette, or sample of decor. When you order cookies you're not just paying for yummy treats but for my unique artistry & aesthetic style. You can trust me to execute your vision in a way that is authentic & personalized to your unique celebration!

My hope is that this will take the burden off of you to know exactly what you want or spend time researching something you don't know a ton about. That's okay & expected! I'm here to make this process smooth and uncomplicated, while getting you excited for the celebration to come!
which begs the question...
what do you want me to "cookie" next?
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custom artisan sugar cookies

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sweetly simple

for the minimalists

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simple designs in same theme with a small amount of detail. some thin lettering but no  "puffy" text or painting.
designs & colors: 1-3



deliciously detailed

for the goldilocks

detailed designs with a moderate amount of intricacy. more variation between designs but in the same theme. some puffy text & painting.
designs & colors: 3-6
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elaborately edible

for the maximalists

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many elaborate designs and hand cut shapes. complex details, lettering & icing techniques. best for unique themes & certain precise logos. 
designs & colors: 6-8



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perfectly personalized

for the ever-so extra

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the showpiece set! all 12 cookies are uniquely designed & personalized
for a particular theme or person. any technique or design is possible!
designs & colors: 12+



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with ribbons, heat sealed, or sticky sealed

individual bagging

can be made with safety for celiacs

gluten free

*2 dozen minimum*
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artist & celebrity cookies

I believe that everyone is worthy of celebration—for the big and little things of who they are to be noticed & highlighted—whether that's my next door neighbor or the next rising pop star. My goal is always to celebrate not just an artist's greatest achievements, but who they are as a person. 

I started out in high school by simply showing up to concerts with a box of cookies to gift to the band. I've now had the incredible opportunity to celebrate over 50+ musicians and celebrities, and collaborate within the music industry to welcome artists to Nashville, celebrate their new music, or promote their upcoming tour.

My classic artist set includes 16, 12, or 9 uniquely designed and intricately researched square cookies, though I am not limited to that! Quotes are available on request.

cookie content creation

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Stacked chocolate chip cookie cake from Cookie in the Kitchen

stacked cookie cake with 4 alternating layers of chocolate chip cookie & fudgy brownie, filled & decorated with vanilla buttercream.

small: 6" layers, equiv. to 12 cookies & 12 brownies

large: 9" layers, equiv. to 24 cookies & 24 brownies

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Stacked chocolate chip cookie cake from Cookie in the Kitchen

stacked cookie cakes

chocolate chip cookie cakes

and last but not least...

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Chocolate chip cookie cake from Cookie in the Kitchen
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