CITK began as just one of my many many creative hobbies, but throughout the years has progressed into not only what I love to do, but a part of who I am. Since I started CITK I've dreamed of opening my own bakery and I hope to do so as soon after I graduate from Belmont University.

i'm emily, but you can call me cookie.

I'm the sole owner, founder, baker, and face behind Cookie in the Kitchen!


My passion for cookies isn't just about sugar and flour; it's about creating a treat that celebrates and illustrates someone's life in an edible art form. I firmly believe cookies should look great AND taste great—why pick just one?


I started Cookie in the Kitchen (CITK) in 2011 as a fifth grader, and since then have run it independently as a part-time student, part-time baker. As of now I have no employees or assistants, it's just me!

hey there!



wait, you're doing this in school?!

Yep! I am currently studying Entrepreneurship and Graphic Design at Belmont and plan to graduate in May 2022. Since I am my only employee my business travels with me: Atlanta, GA when I’m home for breaks, and Nashville, TN when I’m in school. It’s a tough balance between school, social life, sleep, and cookies but what can I say, I love what I do.

Here's me baking in my dorm apartment sophomore year!

how it all began:

When I start projects I go all-in, and CITK wasn't an exception. My family is full of entrepreneurs—including my older sister Abigail, both of my grandmothers, and my dad—so I was confident this "starting a business" thing wouldn't be too difficult, right?

Abigail helped draw a logo for me and my mom helped me create a WordPress blog whereby I went under the pseudonym "Cookie" for privacy's sake. To kick it off, on February 6th, 2011 I walked around my neighborhood to hand out business cards and samples of my cookies. After walking down one street, I had gotten orders for 19 dozen cookies and had to stop. 

At first I mostly baked regular "drop" cookies" like peanut butter and chocolate chip (along with whatever Pinterest desserts piqued my interest at the time), but eventually fell in love with decorating. As my skills increased, so did demand; word spread through my neighborhood, church, and school, and soon enough I was receiving orders from people who had found me from the internet. 

11-year-old Emily with the first official CITK cookies!

after a concert you might find me waiting with a mysterious box...

My junior year of high school I started going to lots of small venue concerts, and around the same time realized I could put anything on a cookie—So why not an album cover?


I began waiting after shows with a box of highly intricate cookies of the band's album art, merch designs, graphics, personal mementos and more, hoping to meet them and give them my gift in person. Frequently I'd get to do so and following our interaction would see a post about my cookies on their social media. I've gained a following at concerts and online as "the cookie girl."

Once I moved to Nashville for school, these specialty cookies caught the attention of companies in the music industry such as MTV, Bridgestone Arena, and Live Nation. Their orders for backstage artist gifts, promotion, or corporate events have been instrumental to my business—not just in growing my clientele, but in curating my specific niche for combining my love for cookies with my love for music. See who all I've made cookies for here. 

when i grow up i want to...

. . .open a bakery so i can bring joy to people through cookies, treats, and coffee in an atmosphere that invites creativity and thoughtfulness.

be a bakery owner

lead with superiority

have a coffee shop

have one location
only run the business

value quantity

invest in my employees and

have a 9-5 office job

lead with empathy

have a bakery

create a franchise
be a present owner
value quality
take profits for myself



give back to my community

get to know me!

christian • enneagram 4 • picky eater • pastor's kid • night owl  • bullet journaler • younger sister • gift-giver 

i have an odd knack for finding four leaf clovers—i’ve found over 600 and have pressed / saved all of them!

my spotify is pretty meticulous—i have a ton of curated playlists that fit very specific moods and genres. i also love finding new music and bands to listen to!

  • shannon: "perceptive towards the most minute details both as a friend and a business woman! she gets at the heart of people in what she uniquely displays for each customer."

  • molly: "like finally seeing the sun come out after a long rain—comforting, reassuring, and reminds you of grace and joy."

  • mary: "the love child of jessica day and steve jobs—a certified quirky gal and then BAM she's a savvy business woman too!"

  • michelle: "inspiring, thoughtful and intentional."

  • bailey: "driven, creative and kind, with a heart for her community and her art!"

since you've made it this far. . .

my friends would describe me as...

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i am a...

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