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celebrities deserve celebration, too!

I aim to not simply celebrate artists & musicians'
greatest accomplishments, but who they are as people

For many years, you would have found me waiting outside of a music venue by a tour bus in the cold, holding a mysterious flat white box. Maybe you thought it was a pizza box for a post-concert snack. But if you were the friend I'd invited with me to the show, you knew it held a set of 16 elaborately decorated sugar cookies featuring the band's album covers, merch designs, band photos, and other meaningful graphics. It was a gift I intended to give to the band, a true labor of love I created in hopes of honoring their care in crafting and sharing their music, their visual discography, their career, their story.


When witnessing their reaction, my favorite part wasn't simply snapping a pic with someone famous but watching the barrier of fan-to-star fall as we instead connected as an artist-to-artist, both in awe of each others' talent. While now I no longer wait in the cold and instead partner with venues, record labels, and promotion companies (see below) to join in on the celebration, my heart has remained the same:


I aim to not simply celebrate artists and celebrities' greatest accomplishments, but who they are as people in a surprising and intimate way by recreating their art—their story—on edible cookie art!

bridgestone arena.png
the basement east.png
live nation (long).png
triple 8 management.png
brooklyn bowl nashville.png
olivia management.png
premier productions.png
AC entertainment.png
maggie rogers.PNG
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how did i get here?

you might be wondering...

wait. you made cookies for WHO?!

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